The Journal Effect


When Chelsea discovers two out of three old journals in her late grandmother’s attic, she unwittingly opens the door to a past shrouded in mystery and cloaked in secrets. “The Journal Effect” by Kelly Simmerman is a captivating tale of discovery, weaving a narrative that bridges the gap between past and present, truth and memory.

Chelsea’s journey begins as a simple quest for understanding her family’s history. But as she delves into the handwritten pages of her grandmother Evelyn’s journals, she finds more than just dates and events. She uncovers a labyrinth of emotional entanglements, hidden truths, and unspoken pains that have silently shaped her family’s legacy.

Set against the backdrop of everyday life, Simmerman’s novel masterfully portrays the complexity of family dynamics and the enduring impact of the past on the present. Each journal entry reveals a new layer of mystery, drawing Chelsea—and the reader—deeper into a compelling narrative that challenges the boundaries between love and betrayal, forgiveness and forgetting.

As Chelsea grapples with revelations about her family and herself, “The Journal Effect” explores the profound influence of our ancestors on our lives. It’s a story about the power of memory, the resilience of family bonds, and the courage it takes to face the truth.

This novel is not just a journey through the pages of a family’s history; it’s an exploration of the human heart. With its richly drawn characters and emotional depth, “The Journal Effect” is a poignant reminder that sometimes, in order to move forward, we must first look back.

Join Chelsea on her unforgettable journey as she uncovers the stories hidden within these journals and discovers the transformative power of understanding where we come from. “The Journal Effect” is a must-read for anyone who believes in the enduring power of family and the beauty of uncovering the truths that make us who we are.

Written by Kelly Simmerman