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A dying boy
A rebellious girl
History poised to repeat itself

Left for dead at the side of the road in an outlawed town, Nicholas is rescued by a human girl. Plagued by fevered dreams and a lethal illness, Nicholas doesn’t know what to make of her kindness. If she knew what he was, death would be a merciful gift.

Rose takes it upon herself to show the boy hospitality, despite her uncle Roland forbidding her from going near him. She survived the brutal sickness and knows exactly what their guest is going through—he needs a friend.

Roland stands to lose everything when he discovers what Nicholas is. Dire circumstances force Roland to turn the boy into a test subject. However, in coaxing an old flame into helping domesticate the beast, Roland ends up in a cruel experiment of his own.

As Rose and Nicholas grow closer, Roland’s decision to keep the boy’s identity a secret threatens to bring history full circle. Can Roland guard two hearts as he struggles to keep the boy and his future alive?

Fall into this whirlwind of forbidden love amidst harsh truths and harsher follies. Pick up a copy of Vermin today.

Not A Hope In Hel

Five years ago, Davis Mareth took a job on the night shift at the Winterbourne Home. Five years ago, he fell in love with a dead girl and learned he was destined for a higher purpose than he could ever have imagined. Five years ago, Davis was given the most incredible power in the universe.

Five minutes ago, Davis Mareth learned that the most incredible power in the universe doesn’t amount to much when you’re locked away in a frozen wasteland. Five minutes ago, he learned that Winterbourne Home is about to burn in the fires of a glorious revolution. Five minutes ago, Davis learned Hell might not be a bad place to live, but Hel is about the worst thing he’s ever seen. If he doesn’t find the way, easy or hard, short or long, that leads up from Hell…or is it Hel? Everything he knows, and everyone he loves, will burn along with it.

In this deliriously creepy third installment of the Winterbourne series, Davis Mareth, the barely capable Grim Reaper, must come to grips with his new role in the world of the newly dead, sometimes horrific, sometimes hysterical … and always final.

The Impossible Last Request

On the fifth anniversary of her brother’s death, Sarah uncovers his impossible last request – a challenge to defy all odds…

Sarah Hopkins thought she had her life under control. It took five years to figure it all out, but the night she discovers a note from her late brother, her life is turned upside down.

Drew Mason is drowning in debt and faces an ever-tightening deadline with his construction business. He’s good at making bad choices, and the day Sarah walks back into his life complicated becomes an understatement.

Sarah’s determined to honour her brother’s last request, but she needs Drew as wing-man for one last hoorah with the old gang. For Drew, the trip is a chance to run away – to flee the chaos of his personal and work life.  It’s also a chance to go to the most romantic city in the world with the girl-that-got-away.

A story of love, loss, and lots of wine. Can Paris work its magic on these former friends one last time?   Hang on for a rocky ride through a slow burn romance brought on by an Impossible Last Request.

Written by Andy Vaughan

Published by Love Knot Books

China Girl

Young women around the world keep disappearing.

Tasked with an impossible-to-solve investigation with only the heel of a shoe and three drops of blood, Detective Roberts must work with a reluctant Interpol officer to get a break.

The streets of a near-future Toronto become the hunting ground for victims of a new, addictive neural tech with killer side-effects. It’s up to Bruce and Mie to untangle a web of intrigue and influence as deep as the justice system itself. There’s nowhere to turn, no way to pin the murders on the crime boss. Lives are on the line – most of them underage.

Can they shut down the TRIAD’s arm before more blood is spilled and the killers become untouchable?

Follow along in this Crime/SciFi novel

This book contains strong language, violence, and mature subject matter – reader discretion is advised.

Written by Douglas Owen

Published by Science Fiction and Fantasy Publications

The Snow Leopard's Crown

Not all is well in the town of Hope

Ash must fight his inner demons to overcome an addiction. But as he cleans up his life, his family is accused of stealing the Snow Leopard’s crown. And the thief is his sister.

Together with his long-time friend, Ash must recover the crown for the Snow Leopard, the self-appointed ruler of his homeland.

Will he reclaim his family’s honour? Allow his sister to be executed for the theft? Or will he turn his back on his race and not meddle in affairs that no longer concern him?

An exciting follow-up novel to Broken Star.

Written by Kim Kerr

Published by Science Fiction and Fantasy Publications

The Girl Behind the Glass

A few crazy nights of bar hopping

The ashes of a long lost friend

And Mike still has to go to work the next day!

Legal clerk Mike comes to a realization that his life of sex, drugs, and rock n roll are coming to an end. His job is just a paycheck, and the endless nights of shots and sex must end. It all comes to a head when a long lost friend’s ashes turn up on his doorstep, along with the unfinished manuscript they were working on together.

With one last kick at the can, Mike takes his friend out on the town for one last run at binge drinking and bar hopping. Along the way, he gains self-realization. And with the end of the self-discovery journey, he decides to take that dangerous step into the unknown. His future is not yet written. And he wants to change the narrative.

One crazy night after another brings Mike full circle. And everywhere he looks, there is a girl behind the glass smiling at him.

Written by Emilio Iasiello

Published by Tumbleweed Books

Vice Ride

Five Days with the Enemy

Amber leaves a college scholarship when she discovers her father keeping secrets. But, instead of facing long-standing family issues, she rolls the dice on Josh and agrees to help her ex- with a crazy scheme. Josh has five days to “keep his legs” or his bookie comes collecting.

It takes heart, determination, and quite a bit of convincing for Amber to climb into the truck with Josh and help him earn enough money to pay off the hard-nosed loan shark before thugs come after him. But, being trapped in a car together stirs up a murky past, and threatens to expose the lies they’ve both been running from.

Jump in the back of the pick-up while we go for a ride in the Kawartha Lakes region of Ontario. Watch Amber and Josh rock and roll through penny-pinching adventures, odd jobs, and making every cent count!

Written by MJ Moores

Published by Love Knot Books

The Goodman Curse

Family, you can’t live with them, but you can arrest them

Sergeant Greg Goodman is only good at one thing – his job. He couldn’t even die properly. Now, his first case back from medical leave places him firmly in the crosshairs of the biggest investigation of his life – his family. If he’s not careful, his ass won’t be the only thing on the line.

Greg learns the hard way that Blue Blood doesn’t run true. The only person he can trust hates his guts, but her genius with computers is necessary for cracking a case that hits a little too close to home.

If Greg doesn’t learn to play by the new rules, he might find himself no longer welcome home, where the seat of the crime syndicate is run by his father. The problem is, he prefers to play by his own rules.

Written by Johan Thompson

Published by Tumbleweed Books

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