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We believe the author's voice is the most important part of our publications. That is why we work tirelessly with writers to bring out the story that will captivate you, the reader.  From draft to final edited product, each story is polished to an amazing final product with the reader in mind. Nothing is complete until two editors have approved the final print.

Come in and enjoy the wonders of our authors!

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Faun Song  

Do You Have What It Takes?

We are always open to new submissions from authors known or unknown. We want to read your work, but make sure you have a well polished manuscript to submit.

Our promise is we'll read your submission and let you know if we're interested or not. Our test readers will go over the your manuscript and either recommend it to our publisher or not. The timeline is usually three months from submission to test read. If your recommended to the publisher, it can take another month prior to full acceptance.

If you've done your work correctly, the manuscript can be accepted for publication, at which point you will be placed in line for editing, layout, cover art, and publication.

Learn more about our submission process and please follow our instructions. We will not look at work that does not follow the submission process.