Meet Kelly Simmerman, a passionate bookworm turned prolific writer, whose literary journey began in a quaint independent bookstore in Santa Fe, NM. Kelly’s love for reading evolved into a flourishing writing career, marked by over 100 articles in various magazines, covering a diverse range of topics from health to mindfulness, and equestrian sports to mental health.

Her digital presence shines on Medium ( and through her blog about the enchanting Paso Robles, CA. Kelly’s entrepreneurial endeavors, including founding an online child abuse training program, have not only impacted lives but also enriched her novel, “THE JOURNAL EFFECT,” adding depth to its narrative.

A member of both the Women’s Fiction Writers Association and the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers Association, Kelly is deeply committed to her craft, continually seeking inspiration through retreats and festivals. Balancing her writing life, she cherishes moments in Denver, CO, and Paso Robles, with her family and two dogs, finding joy in the mountains of Colorado and the vineyards of Paso Robles.

For a deeper dive into Kelly’s world of words and wisdom, visit her at and join her journey of captivating storytelling.