Spear III – Slashed by a Spear Shaft


Slashed by a Spear Shaft

They trained for the adventure. And when the time the assignments were given out, Thomasyn, Bethany and Jon knew this would be a deciding time in their lives. But after the Hobs’ engagement, the dwarves of the Teeth of the World shocked them.

Armed with a new contract for the mining rights given to them by the Dwarven King, our heroes find themselves at odds. The voice in Jon’s head demands more of his attention and, not wanting to disclose this problem to the others, he leaves with the elf, Fletch, to seek the recognition that fuels his desires.

With Jon gone, Thomasyn and Bethany seek to fulfill the sacred trust given to them by the dwarves. Their hope is once completed, Master Chail will allow them to find their lost friend. But more than just an issue of returning is at hand. Something happened to The Realm and they must resolve it before their country rips itself apart.

The third book of the Spear series

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