Broken Star


Broken Star – A Dark Elf Story by Kim Kerr

This riveting story of Ash, a Dark Elf exiled by his people, pulls a reader through intrigue and suspense in a world of fantasy. Kim Kerr weaves the tale with utter mastery, making twists and turns. As you read, he unveils a town filled with prejudice and immorality.

In the human city of Hope, one lone dark elf must overcome prejudice and corruption to uncover a killer.

Once an adventurer, Ash spends his time copying scrolls and books for his employer. But his past catches up with him. Rival crime lords threaten to tear the city of Hope apart. And as the bodies of young women start to show up mutilated, Ash is requested to solve the mystery in order to pay off an old debt.

From the most powerful families in the city to the underbelly of society, Ash uncovers a truth so dark it threatens his sanity. And as he follows the trails to the final perpetrator, his friends start to suffer the price of possible failure to solve the crimes.