A Sharp Spear Point – Spear Book II


A Sharp Spear Point
The sequel to A Spear in Flight, this novel continues the compelling story of Thomasyn, Bethany, and Jon after they completed their training as Spears who protect it. Three Spears—fighters barely beyond childhood, impeccably trained in fighting, moral values, and endurance, the defenders of the people—rise to battle enemies who threaten to destroy lives and the political structure holding their Realm together.

This young adult series is best for those 13 years of age and older.

The Series:

  • A Spear in Flight
  • A Sharp Spear Point
  • Slashed by a Spear Shaft

Bethany, Jon, and Thomasyn are impressive and complex characters and, young though they are, their skill, courage, and wisdom give the story its vitality. Jon’s growing mercilessness spawns the trepidation of his friends; the unsettling nature of his rising psychosis is felt at every turn. After the Spears discover the unrest of the spiritual, hard-working dwarfs and encounter a village under the control of trolls, they ultimately must face this menace that grows within their triad. Brilliantly executed, this novel unleashes dangers and discoveries powerfully woven together and irrefutably original.

– Vivian Delchamps, Editor

Note – realistic violence