Mouse – The Elmnas Chronicles


The Elmnas Chronicles
Book One

Mouse is an ordinary girl with a burning secret – she doesn’t know who she is or where she comes from. All she has to cling to is the searing pain of the number 146 branded on her arm with a white-hot iron. Working as a slave in Misty Summit’s Manufacturing Facility, she is alone until a fateful discovery leads her to embark on a quest to Elmnas, a fabled land far away.

With the help of a kind-hearted farm boy and an ancient warrior, Mouse begins her daring journey. But the ruling powers are determined to stop her, and a relentless bounty huntress is on her trail. With danger lurking at every turn, Mouse must fight for her freedom and find a way to the mysterious country. Will she make it to Elmnas, or will her pursuers catch up with her?

Mouse’s journey is filled with danger, mystery and courage. Her bravery and determination will take her to places she never thought possible. Join Mouse and her newfound friends as they battle against the odds to reach Elmnas in this thrilling adventure of self-discovery.

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