Escaping the Caves


Escaping the Caves

This is not the story of how the world ended. No one really knows how it ended. All that is certain is somehow, somewhere, someone screwed up.

Big time.

For generations, Jess and her tribe guarded the entrance to the caves, protecting us from the demons within. The bloodthirsty creatures, once the cause of humanity’s downfall, seek nothing more than to finish the task. Caught in a web of grief, Jess flees the tribe for the outside world, becoming an ‘outcast’. She crosses the desert, seeking out a new home away from the fight, but her warrior’s scars make it a difficult life, the center of a propaganda-fueled hatred unparalleled in her old world.But when Jess finds a home, she discovers her old life will not be forgotten so easily. The demons have found a new exit from the cave.

We’re not ready.

A strong female lead in this creative novel takes you on a journey of enlightenment and sorrow. Kristin brings about the utter loss Jess feels as she travels to find a mother long lost and stumbles across love. But can she escape the realization that the monsters from the caves are still there?

This Science Fiction dystopia will have you wondering if a real life is something that can be found. How could a society relegate people to live in such a dangerous environment? Kept at the edge of life and death. The journey begins with a life that should not have been lost, and rules that are broken. And though Jess becomes an outcast, her past never leaves her.

A book to read for any lover of stories with endless wonder. When someone is at their lowest and fights to become better than they were. A true story of a world end.