LION – The Elmnas Chronices – Book III


In the riveting third installment of The Elmnas Chronicles, “Lion,” the ancient Guardian Hiraeth’s prophetic words confirm the inevitable: war is on the horizon. As the Coalition marches ruthlessly northward, intent on conquest and leaving no prisoners, the fate of the free world hangs in the balance.

Blade, a battle-hardened leader, embarks on a perilous journey with a band of unlikely heroes, including a group of disillusioned thieves and a former enemy turned ally. Together, they must traverse a treacherous rainforest to evade the Coalition’s clutches. But as they confront unforeseen perils lurking in the shadows, they soon realize that something far more sinister threatens to destroy them.

Simultaneously, Mouse, Toma, Fraeda, and Rhavin venture deep into the untamed wilds of Elmnas, accompanied by an unwelcome guest whose presence complicates their mission. As Mouse grapples with the shocking truths of her past and the evil deeds of those responsible, her relentless pursuers draw ever closer. With the stakes higher than ever, the hunt becomes chillingly personal.

Will Mouse and her companions reach Titans’ Rest in time to warn the remaining inhabitants of Elmnas about the impending war? Or will their efforts be in vain, leaving everything they hold dear lost forever?

“Lion” promises an exhilarating journey of heart-pounding action, unwavering friendships, and stunning revelations. Immerse yourself in this unforgettable chapter of The Elmnas Chronicles, as our heroes confront their darkest fears and bravely face the ultimate battle for survival