Inside My Mind – Volume II


Inside My Mind is the definitive collection of his short stories and flash fiction compiled in one anthology. Each volume covers different time periods in the writing career of Douglas Owen. Volume II, covers the evolving first flash fiction stories he created, as well as several short stories from 2014 to 2017. This book will quickly became a hit among readers because of its diverse genre. Short stories like Jumping Life, Snow in April, and 2084 cover various aspects of Science Fiction and the human condition. Got One pushes you beyond imagination concerning office life, while Dungeon teaches us that not all things are what they seem. Words, a Science Fiction piece explaining how much power they have, will bend your understanding of being trapped, and Power puts you into the body of an old vampire. And, once you think you’re safe, Disposal and Fluffer bring out the deranged side of Doug’s writing. Included in this collection is a look at Doug’s newly released book, The Hordes.