Inside My Mind – Volume I


Inside My Mind is the definitive collection of his short stories and flash fiction compiled in one anthology. Each volume covers different time periods in the writing career of Douglas Owen. Volume I covers the very first flash fiction stories he created as well as several short stories from 2012 to 2013.

This book, initially published in the spring of 2014, quickly became a hit among readers because of its diverse genre. Short stories like The End of the World, Ark One, and Lonely cover various aspects of Science Fiction and the human condition. The Cross pushes you beyond imagination concerning faith, while Equinox hits a disturbing realization that not all rituals are created equal. Earth Blood, a cross over Fantasy/Science Fiction piece, will bend your understanding of Dwarves, and the True Hansel and Gretel retells the classic Grimm tale through the eyes of that hated witch. And, once you think you’re safe, Bone Digging and The Basement bring out the spiritual world to you.

Phoenix rates Inside My Mind: Volume I 5/5 Stars “I could not put this down! The stories ranged so wildly from the possible to the fanatically unbelievable, and yet it was all so cleverly written to make me feel as though I were a fly on the proverbial wall. I can’t wait to reread it!”

Michael rates Inside My Mind: Volume I 5/5 Stars “I have initially bought this as a Kindle book but after reading it have decided to purchase the paperback for my collection. The stories vary in length however none are too long and some are literally a couple of pages. I was planning to read the book on the bus travelling to work but after reading the first story, The End of the World, I found myself finishing the entire book in a day.”