Imagine procrastination and stubborn perseverance getting together and procreating – that would be what M.J. faces when she looks in the mirror every day. Her stubborn mind-set has gotten her into trouble more often than she’d care to admit. The best example being when she was told that students at her university never did a double practicum with a Theatre Production Major and a Bachelor of Education, but that was exactly what she intended to do. No one ever said she couldn’t do it, just that she shouldn’t – M.J. threw down the gauntlet and challenged the powers-that-be that it was possible, and she accomplished it as the second student ever in the history of the school.

That spunk and tenacity shine in her eyes when you speak with her, and it carries in the excitement of her voice. Get her talking about writing and the world of publishing, next thing you know she’s outlined the manuscript of your life and you can’t wait to write it. Granted, the instant M.J. is required to do something she’s not particular about, those procrastination tendencies creep in like assassins in the night.

M.J.’s love of reading and writing at a young age drew her to adventure books of all genres. While she currently enjoys writing science-fiction and fantasy, her focus is more on the internal journey her characters make as they learn about themselves and face their darkest fears – this might take place on another planet, on a university campus, or in a magical realm; but there’s always that touch of adventure to spice up her work.

Living in rural Ontario, Canada, M.J. divides her days with writing, editing, reviewing, chasing her young son around, and running a website to help new and emerging authors cut their teeth on the mountains of this big bad world. Occasionally, though, her body compels her to shove all that chaos aside and simply read a good book. Luckily, she has that procrastination thing under control now – at least most of the time.