All Davis wanted was a job. So when Winterbourne Home advertised a position for an evening personal care worker, he jumped at the chance. Little did he know that another, higher-profile position waited for him; that is if the homicidal director of the home did not take it from him first.

Winterbourne Home, once Winterbourne Asylum for the Mentally Insane, is the setting for S.A. Baker’s Urban Fantasy filled with wit, humour, and a little bit of sass. Don’t let this book slip from your grasp as Baker takes you on a ride from the strange to the absolutely fantastical. His depiction of urban fantasy is one that sets this author apart from others.

Winterbourne, taking place in the backdrop of an old age home, answers the question, “What happens if Death retires?”

This book will become one of your prized possessions as it covers not only if there is life after death, but how we pass into the afterlife. Do we lift into a tunnel of light or are we devoured by those who await our passing. Is there a line up for the afterlife, and if so, do they play elevator music in order to entertain us?

Winterbourne, a joy to read if you can only stop smirking long enough to get through each chapter.