What do

  • an illicit deal
  • an ex-wife
  • a gala for the rich
  • and an assassin lover all have in common?

Usually not much, but Sloan will weave magic from it all.

The once-idyllic resort town of Riders Bay is no match for a walking tempest. When a beautiful grifter arrives turning heads and causing chaos, she not only heralds a storm but a past she doesn’t want catching up to her.

Stuck in a jam, Sloane needs to pull the con of a lifetime in order to stay alive. She sizes up the town and the only man in it who comes anywhere close to meeting her standards.

Andy is the most boring guy in the world. Forced to attend yet another Gala for his dad’s accounting firm, he’s struck speechless when the striking enigma in a white dress arrives uninvited and sits next to him.

But Sloane has never met anyone quite like Andy…

He knows she’s lying.

And Andy has never met anyone like Sloane…

She nearly kills him.

Still, the sizzle between them is undeniable.

This work is one chilli pepper hot and rated AA

Written by Nick Kurch

Published by Love Knot Books