Ronald Schulz

RONALD SCHULZ was born in the nineteen-fifties in Chicago. He dropped out to explore the Sixties radical counterculture before hitchhiking across Europe and Africa on a roundabout Buddhist pilgrimage to Nepal. Now a semi-retired hobo, and a new author writing his honest history of those tumultuous times, he hopes to honor the memory of departed friends before he too vanishes from this planet. He has taken advanced writing classes at the University of Washington and Hugo House. Ronald is a father of two, grandfather of three, who believes in living life to the fullest, regardless of circumstances.

With deep gratitude to my wild companions and racy loves: Rea Fichter, Lee Swanson, John Bell, Ruby, Bonnie, and most especially Karen Mucci. You made my life into a meaningful adventure and I hope we’ll meet again on the far side.