Kimchi Day


Embark on a colorful and heartwarming journey back to my childhood in the picturesque landscapes of South Korea, where the tradition of making kimchi is not just a culinary art but a bonding experience that weaves families together. In this beautifully illustrated children’s picture book, every watercolor stroke brings to life the vibrant hues of Korea and the warmth of a family united by tradition.

Young readers will follow the story of a little child, who, with wide-eyed wonder, observes the elders meticulously preparing the ingredients, mixing the spices, and carefully fermenting the mixture to create the perfect batch of kimchi. Each page is a visual feast, capturing the rich reds and greens, the textures, and the ambiance of a Korean household enveloped in the joyous and sacred ritual of kimchi-making.

But beyond the visual spectacle is a tale of heritage, of the passing down of recipes from generation to generation, of stories told and retold as hands work together in harmony. It’s a celebration of identity, culture, and the unbreakable bonds that make a family. Dive into a world where tradition, food, and love intertwine, and experience the magic of making kimchi through the eyes of a child once more.