Unbound Submission Form

Unbound Anthology

With the Unbound Anthology, we encourage writers of all levels and achievements to submit to us, but we do want you to have the chance of being accepted for publication. Our guidelines are very straightforward. Please take the time to ensure you follow our submission guidelines.

  1. We only accept new, never before published works
  2. When attaching the manuscript, make sure it is only the manuscript
  3. Do not include cover letters or bios in your manuscript
  4. A short synopsis area is provided, please use it
  5. Do not supply a long synopsis, keep it under 250 words (it is not a pitch)
  6. Only submit once
  7. Do not use "special" fonts
  8. Short story submissions should be over 3,000 but under 15,000 words (no exceptions - we reject on this)
  9. Do not use footers or headers <-- This is important!
  10. Do not use tabs to indent paragraphs in the submitted manuscript <-- This is important!
  11. Section breaks should be clearly marked with three * (astrides)

We attempt to contact every author who submits to us. Please understand that it can take as long as three months after cut-off depending on how many submissions we receive.

Once accepted, your manuscript will go through three editing steps:

  1. Structural
  2. Content
  3.  Spelling / Grammar / Punctuation

Your manuscript will stay true to the language you submit in. We want your voice in the work, so great care is taken during the editing stages. Keep in mind the work must adhere to proper spelling and grammar to be publishable.

You are also required to supply an author picture of 300 dpi when submitting. It is used in the publication.

Note: The Unbound Anthology deals with the specific genre of Science Fiction and Fantasy. All submissions must have the anthology theme very clear in order to qualify for the chance of publication.

Our submission period is now closed.

We'll be in contact with the submitting authors within two months.