Emilio Iasiello

Emilio Iasiello Emilio Iasiello is the author of a middle grade fiction book The Web Paige Chronicles, a short story collection entitled Why People Do What They Do, and the nonfiction book, Chasing the Green. He recently published a full-length book of poetry Smoke in the Afterlife and a chapbook, Postcards from L.A. He has […]

Seong min Yoo

  Meet Seong min Yoo, author and illustrator, of Memories of Korea. Born in South Korea, Seong min Yoo moved to Canada in 2001. Her passion for creativity in various art forms comes out in passion for simple and pure images in her first children’s book. Seong min is the owner of Silly Dolls Canada, handmade […]

S.A. Baker

S.A. Baker is a healthcare worker and recovering professional musician who spent eleven years touring around North America and despite popular opinion, he really does know how to smile. From early on, he excelled at telling stories and won several local writing awards before being bitten by the rock and roll bug. He currently lives […]

Cameron Miller

Cameron Miller has been writing professionally for decades as a preacher, pastor, retreat and conference leader, and an adjunct professor of religion. Recently he traded that work for dance full time along the imaginative border between fiction, poetry, and spiritual reflection. In addition to his published poems and The Steam Room Diaries, he is the […]