Broken World I: The Hordes

Steve is just an ordinary guy living in a rural town north of Toronto. And when the world goesto shit, everyone looks to him for help. Heck, he even gets a girlfriend out of it. But survival in a broken world can be tough when everyone wants to have what you have. Even the corpses […]

The Clone

Everyone wants the clone created. The scientist, to advance her theories. The Russian gangster, for supposedly he is the one being cloned. The Russian gangster’s sons, for they know the real reason. The scientist’s husband, for he wants her to be happy.    But what is she cloning, really? They gave her the cells, the […]

Muffled Scream I: Corner of the Eye

We took over 200 submissions, shook them together, pulled out the best 7, and bundled them together in the first of the Muffled Scream Anthologies. But we didn’t stop there. One of the creepiest stories came to light and grew on us, so we added it as a bonus at the end. Let us give […]