Muffled Scream Anthology II – Submissions Now Open

Submissions Open for Muffled Scream II Submissions for Muffled Scream II – A Scratch at the Door, is now open. We are proud to open the next volume of our Muffled Scream Anthology and look forward to working with those authors who submit to us. Yes, it is a new world of publishing out there, […]

The Readers’ Favorite International Book Award Contest

A Silver Medal for Realizing River City! A Silver Medal – For Realizing River City? Yes, Realizing River City by Melisa Grunow won the Silver Medal for Non-Fiction-Memoir in The Readers’ Favorite International Book Award Contest. The Readers’ Favorite International Book Award Contest is one of the largest book review and award contest sites on the […]

The Hordes

The Hordes – Broken World One – Advanced Copies

We he Hordes – Broken World I Pre-Release The Hordes – Buy it now from our site before it is available on any other site! Douglas Owen’s apocalyptic The Hordes – Broken World One (eBook edition) is available for purchase from our site before it is released on September 15th. Read the engaging story and […]

Familiar Scents

Familiar Scents – By TS Kay

Familiar Scents by TS Kay Science Fiction and Fantasy Publications is proud to announce the release of Familiar Scents, by TS Kay. This novel tears down the walls that separate those of alternative lifestyles. Detective Carl Steckler, a hardened police detective, discovers an underground society of A-Sexual refugees. From the Byzantine world of city politics […]

Unbound II – Changed Worlds

The Unbound Anthologies are a collection of short themed stories perfect for your reading pleasure. Every year we open a call to authors around the world challenging them to create never before created works of fiction, pick the best ones, and bundle them together for you. This edition, our authors received the challenge of writing […]