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Emilio Iasiello

Emilio Iasiello Emilio Iasiello is the author of a middle grade fiction book The Web Paige Chronicles, a short story collection entitled Why People Do What They Do, and the nonfiction book, Chasing the Green. He recently published a full-length book of poetry Smoke in the Afterlife and a chapbook, Postcards from L.A. He has […]

The Girl Behind the Glass

A few crazy nights of bar hopping The ashes of a long lost friend And Mike still has to go to work the next day! Legal clerk Mike comes to a realization that his life of sex, drugs, and rock n roll are coming to an end. His job is just a paycheck, and the […]

A Great Book at a Low Price!

A Great Book – We’re running a price drop but can’t decide which book to feature. So we’re going to let you decide! That’s right, pick one book and send in your vote. You can either vote for Johan Thompson’s The Clone or T. S. Kay’s Familiar Scents. Both excellent reads. Come on over and […]

Kaylena Radcliff

Kaylena Radcliff

Kaylena Radcliff is a magazine editor, pastor’s wife, mother, and indefatigable world builder. As such, she subsists almost entirely on coffee and prayer. A voracious reader and prolific writer from an early age, Kaylena was deeply influenced by the likes of C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, and Flannery O’Connor. She dabbles in many genres, but most […]

Beaver's Crazy Sleepover

Beaver’s Crazy Sleepover by Seong-min Yoo

Beaver’s Crazy Sleepover Beaver’s Crazy Sleepover – Another fin children’s book by Seong-min Yoo. This talented author not only writes her own stories, but she also renders them in water colour. Her vivid imagery and creative stories explain the importance of family. This is Seong-min’s third illustrated work for children ages 3 and up. Her […]

Miles Cruise

Miles Cruise

Miles Cruise Miles Cruise joins DAOwen Publications as a Proof Editor Aficionado of all things fantastical, Miles has devoted his life from a young age to the written word and its many intricacies. An avid reader and an amateur writer, he received his BA in English Literature at Carleton University to immerse himself in stories […]

The Family – Broken World II by Douglas Owen

The Family – Broken World II The Family, second book in the Broken World series hits the stores February 1st. An amazing story of survival during the apocalypse continues and rolls on through the night. Corpses walk the Earth while Steve tries to save his girlfriend and unborn child. Along the way he encounters people […]

Life, the Universe, and Isobel

Life, The Universe, And Isobel – Wisdom From The Fuzzy Blue Chair

Life, The Universe, and Isobel Life, The Universe, and Isobel is a story of a remarkable child. S.A. Baker knew his daughter was different when she entered this world. Little did he realize the truth of that thought. And through the years he kept track of the wisdom uttered through her lips, no matter how […]

Muffled Scream Anthology II – Submissions Now Open

Submissions Open for Muffled Scream II Submissions for Muffled Scream II – A Scratch at the Door, is now open. We are proud to open the next volume of our Muffled Scream Anthology and look forward to working with those authors who submit to us. Yes, it is a new world of publishing out there, […]