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Hanna's Tree
Hanna's Tree

Fables make some of the best bedtime stories

Does your child not want to go to bed unless they hear a story? Have they heard many stories but want something visual?

Then this book is for you!

A spin of the Korean fable Namu Doryeong woven by Seong-min Yoo

Hanna, a young girl newly immigrated to Canada, seeks to belong. And when she finds a new friend, little does she realize how friendships grow.

Written and illustrated by Seong-min Yoo, a celebrated children’s author with three other stories published around the world:

Memories of Korea
Bear’s Dancing Shoes
Beaver’s Crazy Sleepover

With a definite style, Seong-min writes each story and illustrates every page in vibrant watercolour. Treat your children by exposing them to the wonderful experience of rich stories and gorgeous artwork. This book can easily become your child’s favourite bedtime story.