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Beaver’s Crazy Sleepover by Seong-min Yoo

Beaver's Crazy Sleepover

Beaver’s Crazy Sleepover

Beaver's Crazy Sleepover

Beaver’s Crazy Sleepover – Another fin children’s book by Seong-min Yoo.

This talented author not only writes her own stories, but she also renders them in water colour. Her vivid imagery and creative stories explain the importance of family.

This is Seong-min’s third illustrated work for children ages 3 and up. Her style of story telling is easy to understand and entertaining for children. And while most children’s authors don’t do their own artwork, Seong-min does it all. From the initial line work to the choice of character placement, her talented eye and creative use of water colour shows someone who cares for her craft. And once the pages are painted, they are scanned into amazing work.

Join Beaver as she has a crazy sleepover at Grandma’s home.Get clean and have some joyful fun with family. An illustrated story book by celebrated author and artist Seong-min Yoo.

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