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The Family – Broken World II by Douglas Owen

The Family – Broken World II

The FamilyThe Family, second book in the Broken World series hits the stores February 1st.

An amazing story of survival during the apocalypse continues and rolls on through the night. Corpses walk the Earth while Steve tries to save his girlfriend and unborn child. Along the way he encounters people who help him achieve his ends. And just when you think things have calmed down someone reminds you of just how broken the world is.

Between the biker gang and the dead, the group of survivors struggle to free the ones they love. Steve tries to keep his head on straight but what more can you ask of someone who hid away in the server room? And other exciting happenings move you through the amazing tale of how gun control laws make it difficult to survive in the world we have.

Douglas Owen spins a believable tale of the coming of the end of the world.

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