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Escaping the Caves

Escaping the Caves

No one really knows how it ended. All that is certain is somehow, somewhere, someone fucked up.

Big time.

Now it is up to us, those unfortunate enough to be born at the edge of these god-forsaken caves, to prevent what is left of the world from being overrun by the monsters. Demons. Ghouls. Aliens. Whatever you choose to call them, they’re not nice. They’ll rip your head clean off. Trust me. I know.

I’m one of those unfortunate ones, born anonymously in the middle of the night.

This is my story.

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Author: Kristin Talgø
Genre: Post Apocalyptic
POV: 1st Person
Tense: Past Tense
Protagonist: Strong Female Lead
ISBN: 978-1928094357
EISBN: 978-1928094036