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The Hordes

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The Hordes

The Hordes – Buy it now from our site before it is available on any other site!

Douglas Owen’s apocalyptic The Hordes – Broken World One (eBook edition) is available for purchase from our site before it is released on September 15th. Read the engaging story and enjoy the triumphs and disasters that happen in a world turned upon itself.

In the not so distant future, something causes the world to turn upon itself. Mankind is no longer safe as corpses rise and seek them out. Steve and his new girlfriend, Mindy, fight to survive in their rural home. But a biker gang soon takes over a town to the east, making survival difficult for the two and the people trying to survive in a broken world.

Douglas Owen is a publisher, writer, author, and content editor. He’s written for major corporations and the public. His long standing series, A Written View, helps writers find their way through the ups and downs of today’s world of writing and publishing.